Porky Pilot – Alpha

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Be prepared for the legendary takeoff of the very first Porky Pilot!

Have you ever felt like you just don’t fit in? So has Norbert! Born and raised on a small farm, where his fellow pigs were satisfied with eating and wallowing in the dirt, Norbert noticed that he was different. Unlike them, he was able to walk and talk. Realizing that he was different from the others, he traveled the world to find his place. After years of travelling, Norbert has discovered that he is not from earth, but from the planet “Pork” – or at least he thinks so. Driven by the desire to finally meet his own kind, Norbert has engineered a home-made rocket so that he can start the thrilling journey to his home planet – and he needs your help!

Help Norbert meet his own kind on planet “Pork” by supporting him during his journey. Due to his super fancy rocket he is able to make it, but you have to navigate him through the clouds. However, be careful! Some clouds will assist you and Norbert, but some clouds can make your journey even harder!

Art by
Nils “Oneils” Rieger

Development by
Daniel “xoidberg” Hein