We just wanted to share our plans for the next couple of alpha releases for Porky Pilot so you know what to anticipate 🙂

The core mechanic is of course set and we hope that we won’t need to touch on that. The plan is to add some more “meat” to the game.

This “meat” will include:
– obstacles than can be avoided/destroyed
– more skills to counter obstacles
– a ranking system to mirror the players progress

– more skins of course 🙂

We try to keep the gameplay fast-paced, but not impossible to play. Through the balance between skills and obstacles we want to maintain a challenging gameplay which is easy to learn, but hard to master.

These are just the features for the coming months. Of course we have many more crazy ideas for the far future 😉 We will post updates about the game as often as possible. So stay tuned!

If you haven’t already signed up for the Android or iOS alpha you can do that on our TESTS PAGE.

Keep in mind that this is still an unfinished version. So you could encounter bugs while you are playing. If you do so, please report to us via porkypilot@beefandbackflips.com.

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