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Porky Pilot – The Future

We just wanted to share our plans for the next couple of alpha releases for Porky Pilot so you know what to anticipate 🙂 The core mechanic is of course set and we hope that we won’t need to touch on that. The plan is to add some more “meat” to the game. This “meat” […]

Porky Pilot – Alpha Update

We just released a new version of our Porky Pilot alpha! Beside many minor changes we mainly reworked some basic features which didn’t feel right. To summarize the changes: – clouds spawn more “natural” rather than with a constant distance from each other – storm and rainbow cloud have a different effect rather than just […]

Ludum Dare 41 – Ballermann III: The Expendabuilds

Hey hey, last weekend was Ludum Dare time again and the theme was very bad! “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres”? What the hell? I spent many hours finding an idea I was happy with and started implementing very late. Usually I plan to program all the features on the first day and on the second day […]

Ludum Dare 40 – Mugger’s Delight

Hey everyone, last weekend was the Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam and I participated again! As always it was very fun, especially if you also watch other developers live on Twitch, but also again very stressful 😀 This time I used my drawing tablet for the first time, so my art style looks very “special” […]

Porky Pilot – Alpha

We are happy to finally launch our first alpha version of Porky Pilot. Just visit our TESTS PAGE and sign-up to test on Android or on iOS. Keep in mind that this is still an unfinished version. So you could encounter bugs while you are playing. If you do so, please report to us via […]